Winter Wonderland From The Edge Of Spring

Here in the NY Metro area, spring was already in the air, in late February.

BUT . . . the ski trip was scheduled . . . so off we went, along with about 22 other club members, to Jackson, NH.
Winter was in full force (good for us).  The worst day was snow and a little drizzle late in the afternoon.
The remainder of the week was a little or a lot (negative degrees) below freezing.

The snow was plentiful and the conditions superb.

Susan, Linda and I skied The Wave and surrounding area on Monday in Jackson and a nice 12,8 k loop at Bretton Woods on Tuesday.
On Wednesday Susan and I skied out The Ellis River Trail and up The Hall in Jackson.  For those of you who have done The Hall you KNOW the ski back was fast and fun.  For the rest of you The Hall is a 1.7 K climb, partially gentle, partially steep.  At the top you can turn around (creating a 10 k out and back) or continue to the Vista Outlook another 3 k.

We went to the top (about 35 minutes) then back down (about 10 minutes) — where we realized that The Ellis River Trail back to Jackson is actually slightly downhill.  Great fun.

On Thursday we went back to Bretton Woods…up B  & M and around and down on Clinton, Beech and Dark Forest.

I was hoping to ski the Mountain Road, but the temperature was only in the low teens and while the mind said yes, the body said no.

Final good news…we ate a lot more food than at home but gained not an ounce.

Glenn Abelson


Susan and Linda – Bretton Woods

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