More Skiing At Fahnstock

Fahnstock yesterday was great.  Sunny, Temps in the high twenties and very good snow, mostly soft but a little slick where the sun had hit it and then it had frozen.  It is less than a two hour drive from central suffolk county. (Look for Hwy 301 off the Taconic)  The lake trails are pretty and the trails on the other side of 301 are interesting with plenty of small hills through the woods.  We did almost all the green and blue trails and had a good days skiing.  There were only a dozen or so other skiiers it being Wednesday.  I posted pictures in the photo album.

Bruce_20150225_123131Regina and I went to the town of Cold Spring after skiing.  It clings to the side of the Hudson across the river from Storm King Mountain which is an Impressive sight.  The Hudson was largely frozen yesterday.  We had dinner at the Riverview restaurant,  Very nice dining, moderate prices but no credit cards accepted.  After dinner the traffic was not bad coming back to Long Island.

See More Photos Here

-Bruce Redlien

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