Fahnestock Winter Park Saturday February 21, 2105

Saturday 02/21/15 Fahnestock Winter Park, arriving at 9:45AM the temperature was colder than expected at 14 degree. The trees along the park’s were beautifully dusted with a new coat of snow. We started with an easy pace around the flat lower field.

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This was my first time on skis this season and the new snow’s crystal structure made the skis’ gratefully slow, allowing  the muscles to remember what they were suppose to do. Circling back to the lodge a gusty head wind greeted us. My muscles developed amnesia and I struggled for the next  2 warm up laps or was it 3?  I think we also did the snow bunting hill to the tubing area.

The others continued to the campground area across the road, while my muscles reminded me I needed rest, and my stomach wanted food. Some skiers eat to ski, I ski to eat.At 11:30 the snack bar was crowded but I managed to get a table for two without tipping the maitre d’. I dined on my PB&J and plastic cup of tea.

By the time the campground  group returned and had their lunch it started to snow.  We went out again for a few more laps around the field loop adding the short steep snow bunting and blueberry scoot trail. The snow came down hard and the wind picked up as we finished. The trails we getting covered with the new snow and the visibility dropped, so did our energy.

A great day of skiing, with plenty of pack powder and well groomed trails.

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Ken Wong

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