Snow And More Snow In N.H.

It was the the kind of week cross country skiers dream about.

There was snow on the ground before we left home.  It snowed on the way up.  It snowed during the week we were skiing.  If the temperature had been several degrees colder instead of being absolutely great, it would have been perfect.

Let the pictures tell the story!

Bretton Woods


Woodchuck Trail, Jackson

Along Woodchuck at Jackson

See Eagle Mountain House in upper left in distance

Eagle Mtn House from trail

Heading back to lodge at Great Glen

Returning from our morning in the hills

Returning from our morning in the hills

The Barn on John Trail at Jackson

The Barn from John at  Jackson Ski Trails

Three very strange skiiers

Bretton Woods


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2 Responses to Snow And More Snow In N.H.

  1. Ken says:

    Nice shots Glenn. It was almost a perfect week of skiing with a great group of people.

  2. boat says:

    I’ve never wanted to cross country ski as much as I do right now after seeing all of these picture here. And I did some research about it. It is said that the best way to start would be to go to a X-C ski center and RENT equipment for your first outings until you know what kind of equipment you want. And start with a lesson!
    Is there any such center on long island?

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