Garnet Hill January 2011

January 3, 2011 – Garnet Hill Inn was describing ALTERNATE (to cross country skiing, that is) activities at the inn.  Not good.

January 7, 2011 – GHI gets 8″ of snow.  Yeah!

January 9, 2011 – Glenn and Susan arrive at GHI and Glenn is out on  Old Faithful Trail inside of 45 minutes.  Nice, packed dry snow.  The trail was torn up a bit from the day’s traffic, but there were no bare spots.  It was, for me, a perfect wind down from the drive up and an introduction for the week to come.

The next day Susan, Linda Frank, Irma Klein and I did the Old Faithful loop followed by a run down Trapper to the bus pickup.  Parts of that were thin on cover.  However, later in the week, after the second snowfall the same run was perfect.

The four of us tended to ski together, but we  were joined, on one  occasion, by Regina and Kim.  That was a particularly nice ski on Thursday morning.  We went down Andy’s Run from the lodge.  Then down Hooper to Farm Road.  Finally down Beach to Thirteenth Lake.  Then we  had the wonderful opportunity to go back UP.  However, we took the direct and gradual trail, Wilderness.  Past the ski lodge we continued to another downhill and rolling run to the bus pick.  A great 2 hour 8-9 km ski.

The LICSC group of 18 hit the trails the next morning.   About 60% of the terrain was open, packed and cordoroid.  The skiing was really nice.  There were a few sketchy spots but not enough to ruin our fun.

January 11, 2011 – GHI gets another 8-12″ of snow, and they start tracking the trails.

All in all good skiing.  My main complaint was that GHI seems to be working with a minimal trail grooming staff.  After the mid week snow they seemed to be slow in laying down track.

Regardless, Susan and I had a wonderful time.


More photos are HERE.

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Glenn Abelson

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