Every Now And Then – February 10, 2013

Sadly,  Storm Nemo created havoc for many people.  Some still trying to recover from Sandy!

In Eastern L.I., however, Nemo dropped just enough snow to make for an exceptional day of skiing at Bethpage State Park.

Susan and I arrived about 10:30 am and the parking lot was already crowded.

For days like this we use our waxless skis.  However, I did iron in glide wax on the front and back of each ski.

Add to that absolutely perfect conditions.  Tracked dry show (thank you die hards out yesterday or earlier today), temperatures in the high 20s, no wind and lots of sunshine leave noting missing.

We generally leave by the snack bar to the right of the tennis courts and bear left.  Pretty flat as we traveled out, but that was what we wanted.  We got into a steady ski at a relaxed pace.  At some point we took the tracks in the woods by the edge of the property for a nice change of view.

Today we avoided steep downhills and only had one steep climb.  By hugging the tracks along the outside of the golf course, we eventually, found ourselves cutting across the Polo Field.  At the end of the Polo Field we turned right, then cut left for the ski back to the parking lot.

A wonderful hour and half plus.

Higher temps and possible rain tomorrow and Tuesday,  means, unfortunately, we will not be repeating this soon.


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  1. kenneth wong says:

    We were at Fahnestock. We arrived around 9:00, and was on the trails by 9:30. The surface was slow dispite freshly cut tracks. We used waxless classic skis. It was crowded in the begining but we didn’t see too many people on the trails. We made a loop around the lake and then one other loop around the campground. By lunch time the lot was full and they had run out of rental equipment. We made 2 more loops around the lower field and left at 2.

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