Will It Snow More If Someone Reads This?

Okay, so the title was a trick or maybe a trick question.  The answer is a secret, however.
But since you are reading this anyway . . .

. . . the real question is does anyone in LICCSC have a wish for 15 minutes of fame, via the printed word?  If so, your chance is now.  If the club is to have a BLOG, it needs a blogger.  The requirements are:

  • You like to write short pieces, breezy or thought provoking and feel you write reasonably well.
  • You feel you can write at least one every other week between November and March.
  • You welcome comment and feedback but realize you might not get any.
  • You will accept $1,000 a month for the job.  (Really?  No, not really.)

The biggest fear is being afraid of not having anything to write about.  When I started my blog for The Bicycle Site I went through the same trepidation.  Dozens of blogs later I can report, that I often have no idea what I want to blog about next.  However, a topic, or even two always seems to pop into my head.

So, we get a volunteer, this blog will be a feature.

If not, I will remove it from the menu until such time as it becomes relevant.

Regardless, enjoy the holiday everyone.

Glenn Abelson

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